Fundamentals of Java Programming

Evidence can be found in offices worldwide, as well as on countless LinkedIn profiles. As a full-stack developer, you’ll help develop software as a versatile professional who can work on both back-end and front-end tasks. Java is one beneficial java 7 certifications language for full-stack developers, as well as languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. In this role, you will likely complete a variety of tasks, such as front-end design, database management, and testing.

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  • In this module, participants will learn about advanced OOP concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation, and how to apply them to create efficient and reusable code.
  • Java has consistently been ranked as the most popular language worldwide.
  • Speaking from programming notions, Java is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and based on bedrock languages like C and C++.
  • Luckily, learning Java is something that can be tailored to fit every type of learning style, personality, and living situation.

Learning database systems, other programming languages, and coding in Linux can make you a more well-rounded Java programmer. The Core Java module is a comprehensive training program that covers the fundamental concepts of the Java programming language. This module provides a deep understanding of Java programming and its key components. In this module, participants will learn about the essential concepts such as Java Syntax, Variables and Methods, Operators, & Control Statements. Throughout the module, participants will work on several assessments to reinforce their learning and improve their problem-solving skills.

Skills you’ll gain

This is a beginner level java course where you get to learn the basics of programming and software development. You’ll get to learn an in-demand skills from university and industry experts, master a subject or tool with hands-on projects, develop a deep understanding of key concepts, and earn a career certificate. If you’re ready to take the next step and prepare for your Java certification, consider learning new skills and preparing for your exam with a course on Coursera. You could earn your Object Oriented Programming in Java Specialization, offered in partnership with Duke University and UC San Diego. This program is designed for aspiring software developers with some programming experience, and it covers how to use Java to solve complex problems. The course is designed to introduce the Java programming language to beginners.

Candidates who hold this certification have demonstrated proficiency in Java (Standard Edition) software development recognized by a wide range of world-wide industries. You need to have a broad knowledge of the Java programming language, coding practices and utilization of new features incorporated into Java SE 11. Learn how to create programming solutions that scale using Java interfaces. Recognize that software engineering is more than writing code – it also involves logical thinking and design.

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  • For the remaining courses, you will need to install BlueJ, a free software environment for programming in Java.
  • Learn how to create programming solutions that scale using Java interfaces.
  • For Example Java Web Service, REST API, SOAP API, JSON, XML, and other relevant topics.
  • While the official Android app programming language has been Kotlin since 2019, Java was the official language prior to that and remains relevant for developing Android apps today.
  • They are aware of the functions and tasks an application performs and mentors junior developers and trainees.
  • Coursera courses and certificates don’t carry university credit, though some universities may choose to accept Specialization Certificates for credit.
  • Duke University has about 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students and a world-class faculty helping to expand the frontiers of knowledge.

Progressing to the second module, Core Java, you’ll delve into the fundamental elements of the language. This segment emphasizes key concepts like Java Syntax, Variables, Methods, Operators, and Control Statements, supported by numerous practical assessments to refine your problem-solving skills. Finally, in the third module, OOPS and other essential concepts, advanced aspects of Java programming are unfolded. Here, you’ll learn about advanced Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles and critical exception handling techniques that enhance code reliability and robustness. By the end of this course, you’ll have a robust understanding of Java programming, with the ability to write efficient Java code and the readiness to delve into more advanced Java topics. This is another best Java course with certification which focuses on topics like Spring frmaework, Java EE, Android development, and more.

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For the remaining courses, you will need to install BlueJ, a free software environment for programming in Java. We’ve added 500+ learning opportunities to create one of the world’s most comprehensive free-to-degree online learning platforms. As an Oracle Certified Professional in Java SE 17, you demonstrate your advanced skills with Java Standard Edition 17. Java SE 17 is a recent edition of Java that Oracle offers as a certified credential, although it released Java SE 20 in March 2023 and Java SE 21 in September 2023. If you currently hold a certification in Java SE 11 or Java SE 8, upgrading to the Java SE 17 certification can help show potential employers that you’re staying current on the newest Java technology.

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