Generative AI Market Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2032

Generative AI to Explode to $1 3 Trillion Market by 2032: Report

The market is characterized by strong competition, with a few major worldwide competitors owning a significant industry share. The major focus is on developing new products and collaboration among the key players. For instance, in March 2021, Bel Fuse Inc., an electronic connector manufacturing company, acquired EOS Power India Pvt. This acquisition is intended to expand Bel Fuse Inc.’s offerings in the industrial and medical markets. Companies operating in the market, including Google LLC, IBM Corporation, Adobe, AWS, Inc., Synthesis AI, and Nvidia Corporation, are launching different generative AI tools and services. Additionally, major market players are observed to make significant investments in AI-based startups and infrastructure.

generative ai market size

The generative ai market report forecasts market growth by revenue at global, regional & country levels and provides an analysis of the latest trends and growth opportunities from 2017 to 2027. The software segment is estimated to witness significant growth during the forecast period. There is an increasing requirement for software that can analyze Yakov Livshits data and generate unique outputs across different enterprises. For instance, one prime example of generative AI software is GPT-4, which utilizes deep learning techniques to generate text that is indistinguishable from that written by a human. Lack of quality data is one of the key challenges hindering the generative AI market growth.

5. Diffusion Networks

It enables early identification of potential malignancy to bring more effective treatment plans. Apart from this, the elevating requirement for this technology to assist chatbots in enabling effective conversations and boosting customer satisfaction is often acting as another significant growth-inducing factor for the market growth. These major trends contribute to the ongoing transformation of the generative AI market Yakov Livshits share landscape. By technology, the generative adversarial networks (GANs) segment accounted for the highest market share in the generative AI market in 2022. This can be attributed to the remarkable capabilities of GANs in generating highly realistic and diverse content. GANs operate on a competitive framework, where a generator network creates synthetic data, and a discriminator network evaluates its authenticity.

Generative AI Market Size to Surpass USD 667.96 Billion by 2030 … – GlobeNewswire

Generative AI Market Size to Surpass USD 667.96 Billion by 2030 ….

Posted: Mon, 07 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

These encompass the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) products, utilizing deep learning to emulate human-like text. GPT-3, launched in 2020, is a language model trained on extensive internet text and serves as the basis for the commercial “the API” product. This technology excels in natural language processing, translation, and text generation.

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GANs have found applications in numerous domains and industries, making them highly versatile. They are applied in image synthesis, style transfer, image-to-image translation, video generation, text generation, data augmentation, and more. The ability of GANs to generate new, diverse, and realistic samples has made them a go-to choice for various generative tasks, driving their market share. Moreover, the availability of open-source implementations and pretrained GAN models has facilitated the adoption and usage of GANs. These resources, combined with easy-to-use libraries and frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, have lowered the barrier to entry for developers and researchers, allowing them to leverage GANs for their applications without starting from scratch. These techniques have expanded the capabilities of generative AI models, leading to improved performance, increased efficiency, and the ability to generate more realistic and high-quality content.

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generative ai market size

For instance, the foundation model GPT-3.5, which was trained on a vast amount of text, can be modified for sentiment analysis, text summarization, and question answering. DALL-E, a multimodal (text-to-image) foundation model, can be modified to make new images, enlarge old ones, or produce variants of paintings that already exist. The potential for specialised AI-based software assistants may be particularly transformative for search and other means of summarising information that drive these two market segments. Government initiatives and investments in AI research and development, such as the National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan in the United States, have also contributed to the demand for generative AI technologies in North America. The United States continues to lead in AI conference and repository citations, but those advantages are diminishing. Nonetheless, American universities produce the majority of the world’s large language and multimodal models (54% in 2022).

Global Generative AI Market Size: Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approach:

The growing number of online frauds is also creating demand for generative AI as this tool can help in spam detection and phishing. Owing to this aspect, industries such as BFSI, healthcare, media and entertainment, and IT & telecom among others have been using generative AI solutions. Despite the numerous benefits of generative AI, the technology also raises ethical concerns, particularly regarding the misuse of AI-generated content.

Economic potential of generative AI – McKinsey

Economic potential of generative AI.

Posted: Wed, 14 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Based on the application, the global generative AI market can be bifurcated into healthcare, generative intelligence, media and entertainment, and others. Currently, the media and entertainment sector exhibits a clear dominance in the market. The report has provided a detailed breakup and analysis of the market based on the offering type. The generative AI market landscape is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for market share.

Additionally, the rising trend of using generative AI for improved customer experience on social media further propels the segment. Because of developments in deep learning, neural networks, and improved computing power, the market for generative artificial intelligence has grown significantly. Notably, generative AI has sparked a revolution in content creation, reshaping fields like marketing, entertainment, and journalism by automatically producing text, images, videos, and music.

generative ai market size

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